Oh no..money problems.

So I borrowed a lot of money lately. Close to $1000 total and still I have no job..so I sell and sell to make money and its not enough and it all goes to it. I owe $400 by the 30th this month..where will I get that?


Feel weird in Walmart

Every time I go to Walmart alone I feel depressed and annoyed and the people there seem rude. The last time I went there the cashier had a huge attitude. I gave her the wrong amount of cash and she went off on me. I just stood there and stared until her coworker came and switched with here..seriously wtf.


I don't get people..

I’m a nice person..but people, well some people say otherwise even though they are the bad guy in every scenario. I do what I can for other people, but I;m not perfect. There is this person who I will not name, he accuse me constantly of being a bad person and even evil. Why? Not sure. He makes fun of me, steals from me and talks about me behind my […]


This guy won't give up

I admit I use dating sites. One of them I get the most creepy requests..There is the Facebook App called “Are You Interested This guy who was 50 keeps sending me messages and today the most recent one he send his number for me to text..He says stupid cliche lines..”Hey baby,our so cute”, What are you doing sexy” and more. Leave me alone! ugh,  


Some friend..

I had this friend who was my best friend for 8 years..then she threw me away like I was garbage. All of a sudden she talks to me again, but only for a favor. But, she told me when she found a job she’d tell me and would help me but I heard it from her sister..What makes me mad is how people really do change, especially when they know […]



So..my half brother has a fiance. Their okay, me and him aren’t close like that (long story-her either) They had sex in my room 3 times. Once on my bed and twice on my floor and thought it was funny..yeah and I’m the immature one.


Creepy Field

Yesterday my car broke down in the middle of nowhere, with no cell phone reception.  I was stuck by a creepy field for 5 hours until someone else drove by.  Kool story, bro.


Yeah, she is so ugly.

Sometimes out of boredom, I go to Yahoo news. This time it was about Jeniffer Lopez and her dress and hair. Almost every comment was from a girl and most of them were straight up hating. Seriously, wtf.



I finally told a guy I liked him through messaging online, he replied but acted like I wrote something entirely different. I guess he id not feel the same way..


Bro Dudes Gettin Ripped

I went to the local gym earlier.  I was greeted by some awesome bros in shirts that may as well have been two criss-crossed rubber bands…..they were discussing teeth whitening products…and tanning.