Oh no..money problems.

So I borrowed a lot of money lately. Close to $1000 total and still I have no job..so I sell and sell to make money and its not enough and it all goes to it. I owe $400 by the 30th this month..where will I get that?


Feel weird in Walmart

Every time I go to Walmart alone I feel depressed and annoyed and the people there seem rude. The last time I went there the cashier had a huge attitude. I gave her the wrong amount of cash and she went off on me. I just stood there and stared until her coworker came and switched with here..seriously wtf.


I don't get people..

I’m a nice person..but people, well some people say otherwise even though they are the bad guy in every scenario. I do what I can for other people, but I;m not perfect. There is this person who I will not name, he accuse me constantly of being a bad person and even evil. Why? Not sure. He makes fun of me, steals from me and talks about me behind my […]


Yeah, she is so ugly.

Sometimes out of boredom, I go to Yahoo news. This time it was about Jeniffer Lopez and her dress and hair. Almost every comment was from a girl and most of them were straight up hating. Seriously, wtf.



I finally told a guy I liked him through messaging online, he replied but acted like I wrote something entirely different. I guess he id not feel the same way..