His Hair Is Gone

Conversation between me and my friend Me: Nice locket, where did you buy it? Friend: No, I ordered it. It has my husband’s hair in it. A soveneir Me: A sovenier? Your husband is still here why then? Friend: His hair is gone.


Kool Story

I like this guy..and for some reason everywhere I go he is there, so I assume its fate, but he can never remember my name. Kool right?


love hurts

my gf lives like 5 hours away and we’ve never seen each other in person. it’s tearing me apart. we always talk on skype and today i sang to her. now i think she’s coming.


Kool story virgin

“I met this older lady who was like 35 and I when I was 16. My parents were out of town so we went back to my house and had sex like all weekend.” -Chris